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Why am I a tantric masseuse?

Tantric masseuses are like books, you can take them to bed to make you dream.

Yes, you are right. The first reason that sprang to your mind is actually the right one. I do not think there is any London tantric masseuse who wished to become a sex worker when she portrayed her future as a child or teenager. Tantric massage is generally not the sort of job one would dream about as a vocation, but rather a choice made later in one’s adult life—at least this is so in my case. Of course, there can be different motivations, but you are very right. The first incentive is normally money.

For instance, think of a plastic surgeon, a broker, or a politician, would they still pursue their careers if they were paid the minimum wage? Perhaps, but it is very likely these lines of professions would suffer from a lack of supply as is the case of the teaching profession. Who wants to pay for an expensive education? Go through a demanding and long training? Suffer high levels of stress when performing a job? Mostly those who are prepared to pay the price in exchange for a rewarding salary.

Tantric massage in London can be a lucrative industry, but the commodity number one in my life at present is the time and freedom money can buy me. So by just working a few hours a month I can have the freedom to pursue other interests that fulfil me. This is to me the greatest privilege I have ever had. I do not depend on my family, a marriage, or the government to be financially secure. What a great relief. I can study, socialise, travel, trek, be creative, do sport, cook healthily every day, etc, without all the constraints most people go through in life. I call this a privilege simply because: Time is money; money is Time.

Fortunately for me, there is another important reason. As a single and very busy lady sex comes at a premium. Funnily enough, one-night stands generally leave me unsatisfied and frustrated. As a matter of fact, I went through a promiscuous phase, and it was interesting, but the page has been turned. I soon realised the quality of sex was degrading, partly because many men in the London night scene have already had a huge intake of alcohol thus having an effect on their performance. Also, when practising free sex trade I experienced that men would not be motivated to go out of their way to impress a woman. Could the reason be that this commodity is easily available in London—a hub of single and forward women? Additionally, I could not be bothered with how time-consuming sex hunting became, be it going out to a bar or using Internet sources. The truth is that I love being sexed up but my standards are high, i.e. bang, bang is too animalistic for me.

What a joy it was to discover that tantric massage is essentially a means to channel my sexual needs in the right direction while being single. The phone rings, a conversation follows, a meeting takes place, and what comes next is pure bliss: a man with a burning desire to sexually connect with a woman. Men who for some reason need to escape from monotony and search for novelty. These men do not generally have the opportunity to enjoy a one-night stand. These men are often subject to incredible busy lives, monogamy, destructive relationships, loneliness, boredom, or women with low libidos.

As a result, I have come to get to know my own sexuality much better. Thanks to being a London tantric masseuse, my curiosity has led me to explore tantric sex. For the very first time in my life, I have experienced multi orgasms. Furthermore, I have come to the realisation that sex goes beyond your genitals so the quest for discovery of other means of pleasure and happiness goes on. I feel more healthy, fitter, and happier than when I was in my teens. Tantric massage is a stepping stone in keeping my sex life to high standards because through sex my body energy is channelled smoothly and harmoniously. However, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy sex life, I complement it with exercise, healthy food, and a good sleeping pattern. Thus, my desire to keep this ‘virtuous cycle’ is to take it beyond my bed and seek and explore all possibilities life has to offer to grow sexually, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

And what else is there that Tantra massage in London has to offer me? I am literally treated like a goddess. I am fortunate enough to tell many charming stories—and funny tales—about the courtesy, attention, affection, tenderness, generosity, and friendship I have known by leading this lifestyle in such a great city. Be it being taken to the ballet, given a bunch of roses, invited to an elegant restaurant or travel abroad, it has resulted in close relationships. Who knows what else tantric massage has in store for me…

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London

In action at a hotel in Vienna. Lol!

Prostate massage in Liverpool St.



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