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Body to body massage in the City


The term ‘the City of London’ should not be confused with the whole of London. It is though interchangeable with ‘the City’ and ‘the Square Mile’. The semantics is very confusing, I agree, but let us be clear and accurate as the history of London—as well as that of Tantra—is a fascinating one.


The City of London is a city and county that corresponds to the EC1, EC2, EC3 and EC4 postal districts. It is the financial district and the location of the originally walled City of London known as Londinium settled by the Romans in 47 AD—let us not forget the Romans were pioneers of spas, massage and relaxation, so British culture owes them not just pizza but the idea of indulging in the pleasing of our senses. It is approximately one square mile, hence its nickname. It has its own police, administrative structure and governing body; and, of course, its own unique army of tantric masseuses. I am proud to be one of them right in the oldest part of historical London. Does it ever strike you to walk down London Wall and find Roman remnants of the first century defying the intimidating modern architecture? 


You may have noticed the City offers a particular service in the sex industry, and there is a good reason for it. The West End is reputed for the wide range of strip dancing clubs and escorting agencies, whereas the City has specialised in catering the service of providing relaxation, sensuality and body to body massage for professionals who lead stressful and busy schedules.   


Body to body massage in the City attracts many successful businessmen who are devoted to their careers. The City is the headquarters of some of the top leading companies in the world and 513, 000 workers—excluding tantric masseuses—commute to this part of London daily, according to the Business Register and Employment. As a result, many city professionals travel long distances from Greater London and deal with large concentrations of people when commuting. 


The rat race makes the City a stressful and wearing place, it can be a black hole that sucks up your energy and leaves you shattered. However, tantric massage is a form of therapeutic treatment that can minimise anxiety, depression and stress from leading a busy lifestyle.


One of the best ways to start your work schedule and boost performance is by having a morning body to body massage, coupled with a healthy breakfast such as organic porridge and matcha tea. It can help you ditch the unhealthy coffee and croissant and, thus, get into the rhythm of practising a tantric routine. 


A lunch break at the gym is a great complement to a body to body massage. There is nothing better that soothing your muscles with the right touch and pressure after some exercise. If you are based in the City, the convenience of finding a body to body masseuse in the area will allow you to fit in your fitness training in the gym. 


At the end of your long working day in the City of London, you probably feel the fatigue, anxiety and stress from a busy and demanding job, your cortisol levels will likely be higher than any other time of the day. A body to body massage will help alleviate your stress, worries, muscle aches, improve your blood circulation and make you feel refreshed. You will have an opportunity to get your erotic juices to flow with every touch of your sensual therapist. It is the perfect combination of relaxation and pleasure, an infallible sleeping pill to end your hectic day in the City. 



 Nerea, an Independent London Tantric Masseuse in the City

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