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Tantric massage in London


I adore London. Not its pollution, traffic and crowds, of course, but there is something very special about London that you will not find elsewhere, not even in New York, and that is: the whole of the world is contained in London. The British empire produced the most skilful professional thieves, pirates and invaders who plundered other cultures, it is something this nation should be ashamed of, really, but London today owes its greatness to immigration, to foreign cultures and to tantric masseuses. Paradise is in the heart of the beholder, for every place on earth has its own beauty, dark history, social problems and lifestyle challenges, but London will always be my tantric heaven. 


One of its imported resources is tantric massage. How many British tantric masseuses are there in London? There are some, of course, but they are the minority of the pool of tantric therapists available in the City of London. As an indicative example, I am Spanish and, Alya, my four-hands massage buddy, Brazilian. We are London Latin tantric girls and like it spicy…


Let us acknowledge that the Welsh and English law has produced a fair judicial system in allowing the free practice of Tantra, tantric massage and tantric sex in London without incriminating practitioners or clients. Belfast, for instance, would be a different cup of tea altogether. 


Therefore, I would like to celebrate London—despite Brexit­. You can read my post about Brexit on this link—for this wonderful city has allowed me to be a free individual and tantric sex practitioner. Tantra is the ultimate form of sexual freedom and liberation, and it would not be possible in an undemocratic, puritanical, tyrannical political regime that supresses human liberties. 


I celebrate every day tantrically. I gaze through my French window every morning whilst watching London go by and sipping on my matcha tea. At times, the chaos of London crashes on my windows and walls with frenzied waves of turbulent noise from Crossrail, road works and bloody neighbours constantly refurbishing in Barbican. This is the source of my stress, and it can be hugely disruptive, because it interferes with my work as a translator from home. However, I am fortunate to be able to take breaks and find time to enjoy tantric massaging as a provider. 


As a tantric massage practitioner in London, being on the giving end, it may appear that I do not get anything in return, well, other than being paid. Yet, one of the delights of tantra is that it works both ways, giving joy and satisfaction to both parties (or all parties if tantrika Alya joins in). Nevertheless, I am proud to have found a complementary activity to my translation work that allows me to not only fully enjoy London, but instantly deal with my own level of stress and anxiety. I do not work a weekly 40-hour schedule, although I get stressed enough with my day job in London—I work from home and as an in-house translator in the City.


Funnily enough, tantric massaging serves me as self-indulging therapy. Put it this way, every time I receive a client at home in Barbican, I can take a break from my work, sometimes tedious, and unwind from the harshness of reality. When you lie down and find the weight of my body on top of yours, it is the moment to get into a trance and surf deeply on your skin, your genitals and your lips, softly, smoothly, unrushed; I let go off the blockages of reality and connect with the tenderness and pleasure you may be willing to offer me. It is tantric massage time, and London can wait… 



If you are tired of London, you are tired of exploring another realm to sexuality. Be tantric, be zen. 



Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London

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