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We haven't ever met before and I do understand you want to try and make sure that you not only have a wonderful experience, but also that I look like the exact image my photos portray. In addition, I have copied a few reviews from C69 website for which you need to be a member in order to gain access to my 15 reviews, which all praise my looks, quality of companionship and massage skills. If you click on the link below you'll be able to read one more. The monthly subscription to C69  is £10.

Tantric massage in London

You will find my latest Google reviews from 2020 by clicking this link:


London Tantric Massage


In any case, you know what they say about wine and women... Exercise, a healthy diet, experience, and a beautiful aura and body—that's the secret of the perfect lady. So you can rest assured you will not be disappointed. That's a promise!


        Review by Kinkymachine Aug 2017

Nerea is a total fantasy woman, in terms of looks and the ‘service’ she delivers.
Firstly, if you like smokin’ hot Latina’s and you even vaguely like the pics on Nerea’s website, then you will absolutely spunk your pants when you clap eyes on her in the flesh (but try to hold back coz you’ll need it later, without your pants, lol!).


So, Nerea is a tall, totally toned Tantric Goddess, with an exotic, beautifully 'striking' face, wild, corkscrew hair, and incredible, dark, almond-shaped eyes that seem as if they might gaze into your very soul! She moves with feline grace, and has an understated confidence that is incredibly attractive - this is one classy lady!

Absolutely delightful, easy-going personality - a truly lovely human being - as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside - and is clever, sassy, ‘educated’ and great fun - a fair bit of our session was spent laughing - very 'un-tantric-like', really, lol, but made for a relaxed and supremely sensual session.

Greeted me in a short, ludicrously figure-hugging, shiny, gold-and-black, lamé-looking dress that gave a delicious hint of the fabulous body within and which, combined with her black high heels, as requested by me, showed off her long, shapely legs to perfection - a complete fantasy vision - wow! And when that dress came off, it revealed one of THE most beautiful bodies I have ever cum across, accentuated by the sexiest of tiny thongs - WOW (in capitals!) ;))

Secondly, this has to be the ultimate experience for the erotic massage aficionado - virtually unique in my experience - Tantric massage followed by sex -WOW! Naked, super-sensual, tantalisingly teasing, 'genuine' Tantric massage, then great sex with a beautiful woman who is totally out to please, and which is made even better by her sheer sexuality and desire for pleasure herself!
Put them together, light the blue touch-paper and blast off into sexy-sensual hedonistic heaven!


Nerea asks in her ‘Masseuse Profile’ whether I (you) would like to be “seduced and devoured?” – hmmmmm, well lemme think about that for a microsecond – HELL YEAH!!! ;)) And, boy, did she – I was most certainly seduced and definitely devoured!

The massage was superb - highly erotically-charged (including rimming and blow-job) and incredibly skilful - this woman has more moves than a chess master, and more tricks up her sleeve than a Grand Vizier of the Inner Magic Circle - Nerea had me gasping and exclaiming, seemingly at will - I was the proverbial putty in her teasing hands!

And then the sex - relaxed and raunchy - just like being with a real girlfriend/partner (the illusion was complete for the all-too-brief time I was with her) - all sorts of carrying's-on, interspersed with laughter and orgasms! And her kisses (full-on DFK-ing) are worth the 'entrance fee' alone - she did indeed absolutely devoured me - I was in 'eighth heaven' (i.e. one better than seventh heaven!).

No rush to get rid of me - but I had to eventually take my leave from this truly exceptional woman, and bounced off down the road, euphoric and invigorated - yowzaaa!

I'll be going back VERY soon to again be seduced and devoured by this lovely lady!

                                                                             Review by Sam42 April 2016




Once again, I must thank my C69 friends for piquing my interest in an unexpected direction, which turned out to be a spectacular success.


I have no idea if what Nerea offers is "tantric" sex, but I do know it is "bloody good" sex. Before I knew it, I was immersed in an all-encompassing sensual world, brought about by Nerea's hands, body, tongue (and necklace...). I am usually more active, but I felt it would have been rude to interrupt a true artist at her work, so I just let it all wash over me for what seemed a very long and stimulating time.


We eventually moved on... the oral and sex were utterly satisfying and I was left with a feeling of exhausted ecstasy. What I found so fabulous is the slow but relentless increase in arousal that allows such a fulfilling conclusion.


I would say that I was in a very good place when I arrived and I think that helped me to reach an even better place when I left... I do think you need to "let yourself go" to get the most of the experience. Nerea is an enchanting woman, who could easily become addictive. I will return!

Review by Blaubart May 2015

Nerea is a fantastically interesting and attractive person who creates an experience (or sequence of experiences) that is not like anything else. Her take on tantric massage is wildly, extravagantly, sensual. For reasons that it would be wrong to reveal (but have nothing to do with the normal conventions of massage) the idea is that you start on your front. By the time there is any question of rolling over, you are in a different universe. What happens after is also pretty impressive.




Review by Jimjim January 2016


I've seen the lovely Nerea twice now, in call on both occasions - first time in September and again shortly before Christmas. As others have noted, she has her own, wonderful take on how a tantric massage should be done, how it should start...and continue...and of course a flexible view on how it should all end.


First time with her I was blown away - and frankly almost finished off - by the massage and attendant licking, sucking and rimming, and then much enjoyed giving her as much oral pleasure and a glorious completion viewing her spectacular behind.


Second time I was determined to increase her enjoyment as well as my own so I returned the massage favour (and the rest) which she certainly seemed to enjoy. 


She's gorgeous anyway and especially so when she orgasms...her Spanish roots showing loud and clear in her vocal performance in that special moment. Conversation is also top notch - she's bright, well-travelled and has a smart outlook on life. All in all a delightful experience...muy preciosa!...and one I look forward to repeating



Review by GBWII February 2014

I had a wonderful time.

Location-wise, Barbican can be hard to fathom but eventually found my way to Nerea's flat. It's her own place so is homely and inviting. All the action takes place in her bedroom, which she had decked out with candles - nice touch.

Nerea herself is late-20s/early-30s, exactly as pictures with a gym toned body, no piercings or tatoos and everything is her own, so to speak. She's no blonde bombshell but she's absolutely stunning in her own right. 

As most others have said, things started with a tantric massage. I'm something of a massage fan and there are only a few specialists that I have found (most shy away from going beyond the 'satisfying' ending) so I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about with Nerea. About 30mins later it was all very evident; Nerea had taken hold of my senses and covered all of my body with either her hands or tongue. As a precursor to "would you like to turn over" (words that were never actually uttered) it was something else. On reflection, I think Nerea actually gives the massage in part to stimulate herself..., both of us duly invigorated, the sex was intense, frantic and highly charged. We covered a multitude of positions all interspersed with licking, nibbling and deep, passionate kissing. Eventually - and I was well over the hour - we finished with Nerea encouraging me to cum in her mouth and over her breasts.

There was no push for me to leave. Shower was unrushed, if chilly, and we had a chat about Nerea's travels and day job. She's intelligent, charming, thoughtful and seemingly obsessed about seeking new experiences. It sort of explained the uniqueness (in a good way) of the preceding hour.





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