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This is a style of massage that many straight men do not generally dare to explore. It is termed the male G-spot massage, and there is a good reason for it, certainly biological. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around this sexual practice among heterosexual men. If you feel reluctant to try it, read on. You should know the benefits you are missing out on.


Prostate massage is a term to describe the stimulation of the male prostatic gland for medical or sexual purposes. The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle and is vital for the production of semen. Before putting into practice this form of massage, it is important to exactly locate the gland. It is an organ that is situated in front of the rectum and at the end of the bladder which can only be accessed by the anal canal. When massaging this area, the prostate is stimulated. This can be very pleasurable; many men easily reach orgasm and even ejaculate. 






A prostate massage will start with the stimulation of the perianal and anal areas. It then proceeds with a therapeutic manoeuvre of the prostate gland from the anterior wall of the rectum or externally via the perineum. The organ is a sensitive golf-size ball and only gentle pressure should be applied. The centre is the most delicate part so it is advisable to only massage the sides of the prostate. When the massage is performed correctly, men normally experience an erection which is a perfectly natural response. 


It is essential to relax and breath rhythmically during the massage. For those who practice Tantra the prostate holds special importance as an erogenous area which requires harmonious  breathing when manipulated to prevent a feeling of tenseness. The correct stimulation of the prostatic gland will generate a different kind of male orgasm than that of a lingam orgasm. It feels more expanded and continual. A similar feeling to surfing wave of pleasure that has no beginning or end. 





Although studies are still scarce, prostate massage may offer some beneficial effects with certain conditions. Some doctors even practise it to treat or alleviate specific ailments. 


  • It prevents the accumulation of prostatic fluid in the prostate gland. 

  • It improves the effectiveness of antibiotics that treat prostatitis.

  • It supports a healthy function of the prostate.

  • It decreases pain and discomfort from a swollen prostate.

  • It increases sexual power.

  • It strengthens erection.

  • It facilitates urination

  • It may help in the prevention of prostate cancer.



Prostatitis is the swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. The most common treatment for prostatitis are antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), however, a prostate massage can be a complementary option to help speed up the healing process. It can help ease pressure and inflammation by releasing fluids that build up in the prostate. Some studies support that massaging of the gland a few times a week combined with the antibiotics can decrease pain and swelling. 


Prostate cancer—the most recurrent form of cancer among men—is believed to be due to a combination of factors such as diet, lifestyle, genetics and environmental hazardous exposure. It has, however, been suggested that infection or inflammation of the prostate may be linked to prostate cancer. Although it has not been established, there are studies being conducted to determine if reducing inflammation can prevent prostate cancer.


A swollen prostate can affect your urine flow. Your urethra is surrounded by the prostate, so you might have a weak flow of urine or might cut off if it is inflamed. A prostate massage can help facilitate passing urine by reducing inflammation and putting less pressure on the urethra.


Erectile dysfunction is increasingly becoming a problem among men. Conventional treatments include medication, pumps, shots and implants. Lifestyle changes such as exercise, eating healthily, sleeping enough and pelvic floor exercises can help improve erection problems. Nevertheless, even though there is no scientific proof yet, some men report increased sexual pleasure and improved ejaculation performance with prostate massage.





Have you become seduced by the idea that you are missing out on sex by not having tried a prostate massage yet? However, you feel a little reluctant because you are heterosexual and somehow view it as a gay practice? Consider this: sexual identity is much more complex than the practices we engage in sexually. Our psychology plays an important role in defining ourselves sexually. If you are not attracted by a penis, a hairy bottom or a muscular chest it is very unlikely a prostate massage will turn you gay. But, could you become bisexual? We are constantly evolving psychologically and exploration is a means to adopt changes in our sexual personalities. You could become bisexual if you are essentially curious and eager for sexual openness with the two sexes. Nevertheless, again, a prostate massage per se is not going to change your sexuality, or the core of how your sexual dynamics operate when it comes to attraction and seduction. If you have ever engaged in same sex, which I have, that would not determine a change in sexuality unless you practise same sex habitually and genuinely derive pleasure. I remain heterosexual and view my past experiences with the same sex as a way of exploration that helped me reaffirm my own sexuality. 






Empty your bowels and bladder


It is ideal to empty your bowels and bladder the same day of our appointment. Nevertheless, a prostate massage is not deep enough to encounter any undesirable ‘friends’. Fortunately, waste only reaches the lower part of the rectum right before evacuation. Thank you, Nature! If you need extra peace of mind, you could consider an anal douche. Make sure you do not take it just before we meet so you give your body enough time to release any remnant water. 


Regardless of whether you have thoroughly cleaned yourself internally, it is important to make sure the external anal area has been washed several times, including the inner-ring. 


Some people may have a feeling of wanting to pass urine whilst their prostate is massaged.  You won’t, but it can be a strange feeling depending on the area of the prostate that is being stimulated. Just empty your bladder before our encounter so you don’t have to worry about wetting yourself.




Although not all men are hairy in this area, shaving will maximise pleasurable sensations. Too much pubic hair can act as a barrier and prevent from activation of the sensorial nerves in your perianal and anal cleft. 

The setting

Ambience plays an important role in creating an aura of sensuality. It is necessary to set up a comfortable space so you can unwind and relax your gluteus muscles. Candles can add a touch of eroticism—I have a preference for steam diffusers and natural essential oils in order to avoid breathing in toxic fumes. Lights are dimmed in order to set a sensual mood in the bedroom. Light-instrumental music is played at low volume as it will be conducive to stimulating a sensory experience. It is time to disconnect from the world and switch off all screens. 




The anus requires more extra care than fingering a vagina. The reason is, even though is perfectly natural to include anal play in our sex lives, the anal lining is more delicate and prone to injury. Adequate lubrication of the finger and the anal area in an internal prostate massage is necessary. Although protection is used, it is important to lubricate the condom with the right oil that is compatible with our skin’s PH—I use cold-pressed organic oil. In addition, finger nails should be very short in order to glide in and out smoothly and without scratching. Be wary of women who love manicures! 



If you have never experienced a prostate massage in London, make sure you find reviews of the specific provider. Google Maps is a good place to start, but there are also massage directories where reviews are published. There are many tantric massage agencies and independent tantric masseuses in London who are offering a mediocre service. My advice is, if you are keen to have a good experience, communicate with the tantric masseuse directly before the encounter so you can raise your questions and concerns in confidence. Should you have doubts about this form of massage, start by an external prostate massage so you gain confidence and familiarity with your chosen masseuse first and then build up your rapport from there. In my experience, first timers have always enjoyed their experience and sought to continue this fun sexual practice.


Dr Sperling uses prostate massage in his consultation. Refer to his website to read about his own procedure:

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