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  • 100% organic—no preservatives such as Botox and derma fillers; no additives such as implants, horse lips, fake eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, and hair

  • Very mixed race, Latin, half European Spanish—I'll let you guess the other two pieces of the puzzle

  • 38 years old, 1.72 cm (5ft 8in) without heels, 59Kg (9st.4lb/130lb)

  • 34B natural breasts—what is it with women who think 'plastic is fantastic'?

  • Very slim—I don't think men take a note of measurements. Oh, sorry! You do? Then come with your tape measure and we'll find out what they are

  • Clit size L, partially shaved

  • Dress size 10, shoe size 6

  • IQ 142—just kidding! But my head is well screwed on, though

  • Non-smoker—if you're a smoker I would appreciate if you use some mouthwash so I don't feel I'm licking an ashtray

  • No scribbles or drilling on my body except for my 2 ear piercings

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish, fluent in French—yes, I have a gifted tongue

  • And I'm a Leo in the Western horoscope and a Tiger in Chinese astrology, not that you care a thing about the stars, but you should know what they say about catwomen


My specialty is my tantric massage followed up by a session of full sex. Let me tell you that you won’t leave until I get you on a high. Gentlemen, I will take you through a therapeutic session of eroticism and sensuality. So get ready for a mass production of pheromones! I only do tantric massage a few hours a week because I have a day job, although some times I work from home. If you can't get hold of me by phone try via e-mail or text.




Being a tantric masseuse is not just an act that I put on. How I earn my living is a part of my being. It is an aspect of my own philosophy that allows me to embrace life in a more interesting and authentic way. Therefore, when you meet me you will not simply meet a tantric masseuse; you will meet who I really am. If you would like to have a better view of my personal opinion on tantric massage you can read my post: 'Why Am I a Tantric Masseuse?'.


I was born and bred in Spain, but my background goes beyond. For further information about my family history please contact me to arrange a discussion in my bed. I completed 5 years of full-time university education to MA level, specialising in Legal Translation. I am a published literary translator, so I take great enjoyment in the art of writing even though English is not my mother tongue. In addition, I am bilingual in English and Spanish and fluent in French—voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?


Therefore, you can rest assured that all content on my site, including my blog, are a result of my own work and thinking. I do not pay for the services of any content writers, neither do I even pay for any SEO marketing strategies or a webmaster to build my site. I just paid for a template and created this website myself, because I am a true independent free spirit, because I believe in showing one's true vibrant colours, rather than pretend one is a fabrication of lies. I place a lot of importance on delivering high-value content in my site; I am in the process of researching and documenting different topics in relation to sexual bodywork in London, the art of seduction, tantric sex, tantric and erotic massage, sex, love and relationships in general, just to name the main topics you will find here in the coming months. If I grab your interest and you would like to have a better insight to the person behind these words, reading my blog will be useful.


As a tantric masseuse, you should know that I am not typical of the myriads of tantric providers in London who claim to be true tantric practitioners but have no idea about what tantric and erotic massages entail. Unfortunately, as you may well have experienced to your disappointment, the term 'tantric sex' seems to be a fad and a term abused by many London tantric massage agencies. As a matter of fact, I am a trained therapist (not the rapist!) in soft tissue massage and reflexology. This does not mean the nature of my tantric massage is in line with my current training, but having some knowledge on how the body works from a remedial and therapeutic point of view does provide me with better skills to deliver an exhilarating experience when giving tantric massages.


In a nutshell, let me introduce to you a femme fatale who is single, well-travelled, utterly feminine, erotic, with a good sense of humour (laughter is an aphrodisiac, right?), and an invigorating mind, extremely passionate, who avoids mediocrity, leads a healthy life style, enjoys trekking, reading, volunteering for Greenpeace, lobbying for sex workers' rights, being creative, the arts, lifelong learning and beautiful wild sex. Do you want to be seduced and devoured? Then I would make sure your sex buds are delighted with the most exquisite and refined dish of pleasure.


Yours sexually,


Nerea, an Independent London Tantric Masseuse 07769355000

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