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Independent Tantric Masseuses in London

Independent tantric massage London

It is appalling to live in the era of freedom of expression, when all we hear is utter stupidity. What’s the use of freedom of speech if you don’t know how to think, how to be critical, how to be intellectually free?

There’s nothing more enticing in a woman than to be a free thinker.

My previous post considered the options of seeking an independent tantric masseuse or paying for the services of a tantric massage agency in London. There are different reasons clients may look for one or the other, however, I feel the benefits of engaging independent tantric masseuses outweigh those of agencies.

I am a feminist and, as such, I place a lot of importance on empowering women. In my personal life, I am involved in lobbying where I had the pleasure of standing in the Houses of Parliament and advocating for sex workers’ rights. My lobbying also includes having ‘come out of the closet’ and been brutally honest to my friends and family about my life as a tantric masseuse, aside from working as a legal translator—this includes my mother. Yes! I do give an honest fuck about what people think! People who care about me respect who I am. And let me just add that the strength I have found in being me and leading my life openly is amazingly liberating. I am in complete control of my life. I have learned to think in my own terms. My freedom is paramount and conventions are only a social construct made for followers.

I am very passionate about sex work, tantra, and everything related to sex in general. I have very strong opinions on what I do, how I do it, where I do it and why I do it. I believe that, you, as a client, should seek the services of independent tantric practitioners through their personal websites or directories and not via tantric agencies. But I will explain the rationale behind being against a tantric masseuse who works for an agent.

Law and enforcement. You should be aware the British government is considering implementing the Swedish model in the UK; unfortunately, it has already been enforced in Northern Ireland. What this means is that clients face being punished and criminalised by the law if they pay for a tantric massage. The thinking behind this law is to put in place a measure that ends prostitution, but does it work? No, it doesn’t! The proof is that the research conducted in those countries that have adopted this law clearly shows prostitution has not decreased.

By using the services of intermediaries who act on behalf of sex workers, you run the risk of supporting pandering and human trafficking at worst. I have experienced how tantric agencies—in many instances disguised as escorting services— operate because I have worked with a good number of them. Although what they are doing may not exactly be pandering or trafficking, there are different reasons their modus operandi could be considered detrimental to tantric masseuses’ well-being.

Many tantric agencies put pressure on the number of clients a masseuse should see in a given day in a very subtle and clever way. If a tantric masseuse gets offered five clients one day and she turns down three of them the agency is often going to quietly frown upon this; if a tantric therapist agrees to see the five clients that day she is going to find herself in a non-stop spiral. Tantric agencies favour tantrikas who see the most clients a day, and they do so by recommending these specific girls and marginalising the ones who may decline appointments, to the extent of removing them from their website and replacing them with new faces in the hope these will become ‘serial tantric masseuses’. Therefore, in no time, the agency will discriminate against their own tantric girls: on the one hand, there will be a group of ladies who work mechanically, at odd times and at very short notice; on the other hand, there will be a group of ladies who receive hardly any appointments because they only fill the gaps, whilst their pictures are used to help the tantric agency rank high on Google for free.

In addition to this, many agencies feel entitled to dictate to the tantric masseuse as to how she should present herself, e.g. what colour nail varnish, height of high heels, bag and lingerie brands they should wear. They even go to the extent of asking masseuses to drink heavily and consume drugs in parties if their clients do so. Furthermore, when it comes to the tantrika’s portfolio, they take control of their image. They impose certain requirements such as choosing the photographer they should pay to make sure the photos are photoshopped to the agency’s taste—very heavily in most cases.

Another example that illustrates tantric agencies’ manipulation is to do with commission. As a general rule, tantric masseuses in London pay an outrageous 30-40% commission on their fees. Agencies normally ask the lady to meet them in person so as to collect the money in cash. They impose where, when and how often the meetings should occur.

These are only a few examples of how tantric agencies manipulate women. Even though their behaviour may not be criminal, this way of operating is certainly a form of subjugation. I am against these types of agents in the sex industry, this promotes women’s psychological damage and abuse, brothel keeping and pandering. If all sex workers were independent, the argument for enforcing the Swedish model and criminalising innocent people would collapse.

If you feel women should be empowered in the tantric massage industry, you will grant this privilege every time you meet an independent lady.

Please, note, my tantric friends and I are mutually promoting our services in tantric massage. We share clients, impressions and support each other. Human rights is still work in progress in London and the UK. One day, we shall be granted the right to belong to a trade union for sex workers!

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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