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Farewell to Tantric London

Tantric Massage

True independence is individual, not collective. Social power is collective, not individual.

My time in London as a tantric masseuse is coming to an end; this time, I will not be back. I will be seeing my lovely clients for as long as I continue living in London, but I wanted to keep you posted about my future plans, as this means I will not provide my service in tantric massage for much longer. I do not have a deadline, but I have a strong yearning to leave and seek other adventures. I will try and keep my blog active, if life commitments permit, as I feel I would like to share with you some interesting ideas about human sexuality, Tantra, sex work and relationships. I will be gone from London in the flesh, but I will remain in spirit.


As much I have admired the UK, my adopted country for 16 years, it is about time I spill my own beans on this matter called 'Brexshit'. Firstly, the EU is far from perfect, but it has provided Europe with the most important single reason to exist for 50 years, i.e. a conflict-free Europe and protection against possible military enemies. The media, politicians and Brexiteers keep telling us how much of an economic burden the EU poses to the UK. Fine. If it were true it is still to be proved. But, tell me, is money more valuable than living a life free from war? In case you have a sardonic smile on your face, thinking: ‘War? In Europe? In the 21st century?’—only five-year old children believe happy-endings last forever...

Secondly, Brexit has exacerbated a sentiment of xenophobia—please, refrain from having an opinion if you have not bothered reading authoritative sources on the statistics. This is not Nazism, but, having being an immigrant for 22 years, this problem is close to my existence, and I have received enough well-documented information in this respect to feel utterly disappointed with this country. Witness the fact that a friend of mine who is Dutch was involved in a xenophobic attack and sustained serious brain injuries. Now, do not get me wrong and think I am stating all British are xenophobic. That is far from the truth, fortunately; but it is clear this country has regressed in terms of tolerance and openness towards immigrants.

Thirdly, you need strong alliances to gain leverage in negotiations and keep your interests protected. In the next few decades, three giants will have most influence in the world because they have large populations: China, America and probably India. It is very likely that other countries with the highest populations will experience enormous economic growth in the future as well. Medium-size countries such as Germany, France and the UK—if it doesn’t further disintegrate into smaller fragments—will experience power challenges if they do not become allies with other medium-sized countries. The EU has the strongest trade market in the world; what is the UK going to gain from exiting this market? Furthermore, the rise of China is now a fact and its development is going to pose many challenges. There is no single issue that can be solved without China, from the global economy to the climate crisis. It is an authoritarian regime and relations regarding artificial intelligence and technology are going to prove difficult. We are already witnessing the many implications the Huawei issue will have. What’s going to happen to Europe with China growing like this?

Real power is influence, and it increases as we offer more support to others. Contrary to what you may believe about power, service is the highest form of leadership. Serving others is a key to sustainable growth: international aid in times of conflict is a good example. When you enter a room full of powerful people, everybody knows what the dynamics will be: power can only compete with power.

Not only is the UK in self-denial, but is isolating itself in the name of British pride.

Fourthly, the pool of tantric masseuses in London will be diminished. The proof is that I shall not be among them. As much as it may sound arrogant, you will be losing a valuable member of the Tantra world. I have practised my trade with conviction, passion and knowledge, and it has resulted in my personal expertise in this domain.

Much as I may have reasons to defend this country should remain in the EU, I feel democracy should prevail. I do respect non-discriminatory differences, so this is my last word on Brexit:

‘I will welcome Brexit, hear me, the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. I feel sorry for you, though, because you will have to pay a high price for independence, fix the social crisis you have manufactured and undergo colossal risks at the expense of innocent people. I cannot wait for you, the UK, to prove to me that you can actually become an economic empire again without slavery, manage immigration and benefit from it more effectively than in the last 50 years, establish a better judicial system, sort out your appalling National Health Shit, improve employment rates, increase salaries, provide everyone with accommodation at affordable prices and sort out the problems in your capitalist education system. Good luck to you, because you are going to need it.

You are doing battle with yourself, not with a malfunctioning Europe. We Europeans have come a long way since WWII; we Europeans will continue our cooperation and strive for an even better future, with or without you. Concordia res parvae crescunt.

But, more importantly for me, I will be watching you from afar... Because you are not indispensable in my life to keep being a happy immigrant and a conqueror of the world!’.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on January the 31st to 1973! (Reminder to Transport for London: the world is no longer your Oyster)

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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