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Independent London Tantric masseuse or Agency?

Tantric massage Liverpool St.

The reason why a man needs a tantric masseuse is to break the monogamy.

An independent tantric masseuse is a lady who has control over the way she presents herself. A tantric massage agency is a mediator who acts on behalf of a masseuse with her consent and, therefore, takes commission which she pays for this service—it is normally 30% of the booking in London. You may have asked yourself: ‘shall I book a London tantrika directly or seek the services of an agent?’

The answer depends on two variants. Are you a gentleman who looks for a satisfactory sexual rapport and/or building up some intimacy with the same tantric masseuse or group of masseuses? Or are you a serial honey bee who needs a prairie to collect the nectar from all its flowers?

One of the major benefits an independent tantric masseuse offers is that you can directly communicate with the lady in question. Was there some sort of good vibe when you talked to her on the phone? Were your questions answered? Did you make a booking in advance and had the need to further communicate with her before the encounter? Let me tell you that I sometimes reject clients by using my radar skills. I am often able to assess whether the person is a timewaster, a weirdo, or a dodgy wacko. Thanks to my experience in the world of tantric massage, I have developed a good sense that enables me to filter rubbish men in this respect. There are so many of them in London!

In addition to enjoying direct communication, an independent tantrika tends to take tantric sex in a more dignified, elegant, and serious manner. If she has a blog, this shows an interest in opening up herself so gentlemen can have a better picture of what to expect. She may have some web designing skills and Internet knowledge, in my opinion, a sign of some level of intelligence—I personally chose to build my website myself from a template and be my own webmaster, this allows me to be a true free spirit. My independence allows me to present myself exactly in the way I choose to, and knowing how to create and promote a website and blog have provided me with a better understanding of how the incredible World Wide Web works.

Furthermore, as an independent tantric masseuse, you have control over how to portray yourself with the photos you choose to represent you. I cannot say enough how most tantric agencies in London have no idea about good photography, although it took me some time and knowledge to recognise the level of photoshopping that makes a good and non-deceiving photo. I experienced being rejected by a tantric massage agency because my pictures were too artistic, or not up to their standards, i.e. not enough airbrushing, breast enhancement, hips contouring, eye lightening, and so on, with a plastic doll-like end result. I also experienced a case where another agency asked me to have a photoshoot with their so-called ‘photographer’. Not only did I have to pay £600 and pay travel expenses to go all the way to Germany—pathetic!—they did not even allow me to have the photographs. Well, I did not care anyway, they were rubbish. This particular tantric massage agency’s photo gallery lacks personality. Why? Because the same photographer takes pictures of all the masseuses, i.e. the same scenario, the same lighting, and the same poses are portrayed. Hence, the tantrika’s personality is not captured.

I sometimes work in nude art and erotic photography, some of my modelling work is published and some is not. Unfortunately, I cannot use all the photos I do in my modelling work because of the stigma erotic massage has, yes, even in nude art—ridiculous! A magazine found out about my double life and declined to publish my photos. Puritanical ignoramuses! I have worked with some artists in the world of photography and I make sure my artistic taste is captured in my gallery. It still needs work, though, so keep checking my gallery as I am trying to update it regularly. Please, bear in mind that many of my pictures have been stolen, so if you see them elsewhere, I would appreciate you telling me.

So what are the benefits a tantric massage agency provides? As I said earlier, if you are a ‘serial honey bee’ you will benefit from good advice in terms of satisfying your need to keep seeing different tantric masseuses. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the tantric massage agency in question is a reputable one. So you need to do your own research to find out. I am sorry but I am not going to promote any erotic massage agencies or directories in my website unless they do the same for me. However, do check my website in the coming weeks as I will start promoting some of my tantric friends who are also masseuses.

What I would advise, though, based on my own experience from what clients share with me and what I have seen myself, is avoid escorting or tantric agencies whose books are comprised of mostly Eastern European masseuses. The reason behind it is because these agencies tend to operate as an escorting business in a cold streak. Many owners of such agencies hire chauffeurs who drive the girls around London for 10 hours and treat them like cattle. As a result, the masseuses work in a mechanical way. Also, I would not go below £200 an hour. I once met a photographer who used to be a tantric masseuse in London around 1995. Back then, masseuses charged a minimum of £200 an hour. The industry has been degraded by all the competition we face from escorts, partly because there is saturation of the market and partly because fees have decreased due to the economic climate. However, clients face the fact of booking the service of ‘serial tantric escorts’ who charge under £200. I have met many of these masseuses who come to London from the latest EU countries and Russia for only a season with no particular reason other than money, money, money. As a result, you generally do not get good quality service and photos are likely to be deceiving.

Does the tantric massage agency or tantric masseuse in particular have any reviews? (Click here to read my reviews on my tantric massage service). This is also another important factor that will minimise disappointment. Last but not least, a very young foreign lady is likely to have poor English and will probably not have the knowledge and experience in sex of a more mature tantrika. I remember what I was like in my early 20s and there is no way I would have satisfied a man the way I can do it today.

Nerea, An Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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