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Tantric Masseuses in London and STIs

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My sexual health is your health

This is what I consider my most important post. It is a subject many tend to shy away from, but one where we all should be thoughtful and responsible. I believe that not only tantric masseuses in London, but also clients, should be responsible about their sexual health. It is not only the responsibility of providers of tantric massage (who engage in sex like myself) to educate themselves about what consists safe sex practice and the various types of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) but of everyone who is sexually active.

The statistics of HIV differ between locations and countries, but I am going to refer to the UK and London in particular. However, I would urge you to do your own research and consult authority sites and not only rely on what I will explain in this post. More importantly, I would advise everyone—both tantric masseuses and clients—to regularly visit a genito-urinary clinic (GUM). Approved HIV self-testing kits—which are now legal in the UK—should not replace a comprehensive STIs screening if you seek the services of tantric masseuses or you simply practise sex with different partners.

According to Avert, an organisation that has been at the forefront of AIDS response from 1986, the UK has a relatively small HIV epidemic rate, with an estimated 101, 600 affected people living in 2017. In the same year, 4,363 people were newly diagnosed with HIV. Nevertheless, despite the declining rates HIV remains a challenge. Furthermore, evidence suggests that levels of HIV knowledge among the general population have decreased. The epidemic in the UK mainly affects men who have sex with men and black Africans. Having said that, this should not justify in the least one lowering one’s guard in London.

Many share the popular belief that tantric masseuses in London may be disease ridden. This is a myth, and as a matter of fact, STIs are higher in other groups who are more likely to practise unsafe sex, such as young adults, binge drinkers, and active seekers of one-night stands. I posed this question myself at my clinic and they clarified that, actually, tantric masseuses in London, although they are exposed to a higher risk of contracting STIs, are far more diligent in the practice of protected sex—and this is certainly so in my case.

My sexual health is paramount. It is an integral part of my code of professional ethics. As a matter of fact, I am a health freak in all senses—and I do hope I leave you with that impression at the end of this post. I undertake my health checks every month. My GUM walking-in clinic of choice is run by the NHS and is located in 56 Dean St. I highly recommend this clinic as its service is exceptional. The premises are state of the art offering a guided self-service for gonorrhea and chlamydia swabs. They are open Monday to Saturday until 7pm most days. Your results are texted to you via mobile on the same day, but you can request having a certificate issued which you would have to pick up in person. Note that you can remain anonymous if you are concerned about revealing your real identity. They know that I am a tantric masseuse and they even organise meetups for other providers of tantric massage. So any particular questions you may have about tantric masseuses’ sexual health in London would be answered with reliable information in this particular clinic.

My latest medical tests on HIV, Hepatitis C, and syphilis were negative, so were my non-blood tests for gonorrhoea and chlamydia—including the throat and rectum tests. One of my certificates also states that I am immune against Hepatitis B—for which I took the vaccine in 2002. Additionally, I took the Hepatitis A vaccine in 2015 which provides me with 25 years protection. Did you know you should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A if you practice annilingus? In addition, I have been vaccinated for the human papilloma virus (HPV) and have my own certificate of the Gardasil® vaccine. I was tested for the 20 most highly-risk strains of HPV before taking the vaccine and the results were negative. This vaccine provides 100% protection against the 4 most dangerous HPV strains, i.e. types 6, 8, 11 and 16. You should know that HPV can lead to cervical and anal cancer, therefore, it does affect men too. In some countries such as Australia, the Gardasil vaccine is also administered to boys and not just girls. This vaccine of course also protects adults, if you are not already infected.

One reason I do not work during the early hours is because of all the funny creatures that emerge then. Yes, many nocturnal men tend to drink heavily and even take drugs. My common sense leads me to maintain a healthy life physically, sexually, and psychologically. Not only I do not find any pleasure or sense in taking part in these kind of activities, but also I do not identify myself with these types of individuals who generally practise sex in a degrading and irresponsible way.

Important facts:

  • You should not brush or floss your teeth at least one hour before and one hour after any sexual encounter.

  • You should wash your hands after any sexual encounter for at least 60 seconds with soap and very hot water. Contaminated fingers are a source of chlamydia infection.

  • The incubation period—also known as ‘window period’—for HIV is no longer 3 months but 4 weeks; It’s 3 months for syphilis; 2 weeks for gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

  • Gonorrhoea and chlamydia of the throat and rectum can be passed on if you practise oral sex.

  • You should insist in having a swab test for your throat too. Some GUM clinics do not offer this option if you do not ask for it.

  • Although I practise oral sex—giving and receiving—I do not swallow sperm. The reason is because it minimises the chances of contracting STIs that affect the throat.

  • The NHS does provide the Hepatitis A vaccine, however, you will need to make clear you practise annilingus, otherwise they will only provide it unless you travel to a risk zone in your travels. Make sure you have the 25-year protection so you will need two injections. Likewise, the NHS does provide the Hepatitis B vaccine too.

  • Again, the NHS will try to get away with not providing Hepatitis C medical checks. If you state you practise sex with tantric masseuses they will, but you need to ask for it. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, but it is intravenous drug users who represent the largest risk group.

  • The Gardasil vaccine is not covered by the NHS. You will need to invest about £800 including the test before taking it to verify if you are already infected with any of the high-risk strains.

  • If you inform your GUM medical provider you visit tantric masseuses regularly, they will offer you a double HIV medical check. Stay informed, the medical field is making constant progress. Read up on PREP for instance, a medication available on the NHS that eradicates HIV if you take immediate action should you make contact with someone infected.

And what do you know about sexual health? What precautions do you take yourself? Do you enquire of all the tantric masseuses you sleep with about their sexual health and test their knowledge on this very crucial aspect? I hope you do, because your sexual health is my health.

Below you will find a link to a video about the latest breakthrough on HIV. Medicine it is on its way to cure it.

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