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In Western society, stress is the underlying factor for somatising various physical conditions. Massage therapy, including erotic massage, offers many possibilities to treat distress and its related health problems. There are a number of different reasons you may seek the services of a professional masseuse, in your particular case, to infuse your sex life.


Erotic massage offers all the benefits of regular massage, but unlike most forms of hands-on manipulation it is meant to be a deeply sensuous experience. By applying different massage techniques and giving them a provocative and arousing touch, erotic massage will help you connect with your sensuality and your sex partner physically and emotionally.


Erotic massage awakens sexual energy that will enhance your intimate rapports, prolong enjoyment, increase arousal, and deepen sexual satisfaction. It is a means to express lust, passion, fantasy, creativity, and sexual desire in a liberating manner.


However, in this world of relaxation and intimacy, the categories and terms used by many tantric agencies to refer to different massage styles overlap or are unclear. Below is a list of all the stages that comprise my own massage session:

  • Tantric massage

  • Prostate massage

  • Body to body massage

  • Head massage

  • Reiki

  • Lingam massage

  • Tantric sex


 What is massage?


Massage is the practice of structured touch that involves a series of movements that consist of stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing. Massage techniques are commonly applied with different parts of the therapist’s body or devices. The purpose of the massage is generally treatment of body stress, pain or pleasure. It can be either stimulating or soothing, and when done in conjunction with a focus on sexual energy it can affect the body, mind, and spirit. This is referred to as tantric massage. 


Various sources claim the etymology of the word derives from the Latin term massa meaning ‘mass, dough’. Archaeological evidence of the practice of massage has been found in ancient civilisations. In Egypt, Greek and Rome the art of massage was revered and used for healing and health, as well as pleasure. In India, China and Japan, massage formed an integral part of medicine, where tantric, Taoist erotic massage and Shiatsu originated.


In a nutshell, tantric massage is a practice that originated within an ancient Indian art and philosophy we know as Tantra. It incorporates the meditative and rituals of this old traditional art transforming massage into a devotional practice that worships the body, mind and soul. By bringing a sensual, erotic and ritual touch to your ordinary massage, you can enhance your sexual experience taking your physical sensations to a spiritual level.  


I would like to invite you to begin your own journey into the world of tantric massage and experience for yourself its relieving, uplifting, empowering and life-changing effects. 



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