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If you are experiencing a time of increased tension or pressure in your daily life or at work, you urgently need a space of mental, physical and spiritual relaxation. 


A body to body (also known as B2B) massage is a form of erotic massage that will help you submerge into a different mental state away from the stress of life. Smoothly and harmoniously, you will lead your body and mind into a world free from negative thoughts. This will provide you with better mental energy to tackle the hurdles that can cause anxiety, stress, mental fatigue and depression.

However, the key to benefitting from a body to body massage lies in the techniques used by your tantric masseuse. So, take good care to find a professional massage provider in London who is, ideally, experienced in Tantra, with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you feel on a similar wavelength. This will enhance your ability to enjoy all the preliminary sensations that will lead you to feel an increased magnitude of ecstasy. Once you take delight in this form of massage, you will surely adopt it as part of all the different rituals you practise in the bedroom.  


How is a Body to Body massage performed?


This massage usually begins as a naked masseuse glides her body smoothly and delicately on yours with the aid of oils—I use cold-pressed organic oil. The massage is characterised by the combination of smooth and deep pressure with different parts of the body such as fingertips, palms, forearms, chin, breasts, buttocks, stomach and feet in a series of coordinated movements at varied pace. Stimulating the areas where neuroreceptors are located is essential for maximum benefit, as well as knowing which parts of the body should be avoided, as exerting the wrong pressure can prove uncomfortable and even painful. In addition, rhythm and movement need to synchronise in order to create the right tactile sensation; otherwise this could result in no stimulation at all or a ticklish feeling. 


The session will start with you first taking a shower at my flat, (please refer to my blog post ‘Tantric Massage and Hygiene’ in order to avoid receiving an incomplete session). You will join me in my bedroom after your shower where we will briefly discuss any previous experiences that you may have had and any important points you would like me to bear in mind. Following our discussion, you will disrobe completely and lie naked on my bed face down. The session will begin by me initiating the massage. This is my time! You will not be expected to sexually interact with me until I complete the body to body massage combined with some feet reflexology, a prostate massage—at your discretion—and a head massage. Once this is completed, you will turn over. I will proceed with some Reiki and a lingam massage, and then invite you to engage with me in a sexual act. Now is your opportunity to be a giver, which I will be eager to receive the delights of such an experience. As I often say in French: ‘Rien n’est plus rebutant qu’une étoile de mer’ (passiveness is off-putting in bed).


Body to body massage is one of the various erotic techniques I encompass in my style of Tantra. It is a means to expand our common sexual practices allowing us both to enhance different sensations other than culminating in an orgasm. However, a combination of reflexology, relaxation techniques, erotic tactile stimulation, prostate massage, lingam massage and interactive sex will make of our session a holistic sexual experience. 


What are the benefits of a Body to Body massage?


Full relaxation: physical, mental and emotional


By creating an aura of total intimacy in a space of peaceful, dimmed light, a comfortable room and meditative music you will forget about the hustle and rush of your daily life. It is time to become aware of your own breathing and bring it in diapason with my gentle but deeply relaxing strokes, as if we were tuning in synchronicity. Your breath is the music, my movements the dancing. As I move towards the upper part of your body, the sensations will increase. Mental focus on the areas I will be stimulating is going to intensify your sexual excitement. At this point, your mind, your body and your breath will be in unison, thus, creating a deep state of relaxation and arousal. 


Finding oneself through emotions


Our very own nature can be unknown to us in many ways. The right touch can reveal not only pleasurable sensations but new emotions too. It has the capacity to bring out our own awareness as the physical fusion of two bodies reminds us of our essence. Animals also experience this phenomenon. They need constant physical contact to learn about their very nature in order to flourish. It is for this reason that having pets in pairs prolongs their longevity. Humans are not emotionally different when it comes to the impact of healthy physical contact on our lifespan.  


Increase of sexual desire


As we create a space to stimulate our bodies without the pressure of reaching an orgasm, we focus on attaining pleasure through a different channel, away from our genitals. This can teach us and train us to awaken new areas in our bodies that would normally go unnoticed in the sexual act. It is a well proven method to expand our experience of sex. Once we learn that there exist myriads of different pleasurable sensations other than the orgasm, we are beginning to pave the way to reach full-body orgasmic sensations.  


Sexual boredom antidote


There is nothing more stressful and demotivating in a relationship than falling into the trap of sexual monotony. The practice of varied methods and techniques in Tantra—whether it is with a partner or a tantric masseuse—such as a body to body massage, by immersing yourself in your lover’s satisfaction, will create an aura of fun play and sexual dynamism. This will undoubtedly add a breath of fresh air into the bedroom.


Better social and work performance  


A body to body massage is a very intimate way to connect with another person. It will make you feel desired, valued and whole by providing you with a different dimension to enjoy your sexual life. You will feel more satisfied with yourself, and, in turn, it will improve your performance and relationships in different contexts. 


Improved communication


A body to body massage focuses on stimulating our most sensitive nature. This will translate into a wider vision on how we communicate sexually and develop more respect towards our partner and lovers. As a result, we learn to communicate in a more fluid and open way.

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