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The Creative Mind in Tantric Sex


Creativity is ultimately sexual. (Deepak Chopra)

Tantric sex is a gift that we are given and can be enjoyed with a partner or a tantric masseuse. When we no longer fear to explore new avenues or embrace creativity our erotic spirits soar to a different dimension. Remember that the most important ‘organ’ in sex is the mind—followed by the skin—hence the importance of cultivating it the right way, i.e. by seeking creativity in all its forms.

According to a pioneering study conducted by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University in the UK, which could explain the behaviour of notorious womanisers such as Pablo Picasso, Lord Byron, and Dylan Thomas, professional artists have twice as many sexual partners as those who do not engage in an artistic lifestyle. Statistics also showed the average number of sexual partners, for both men and women, rose in line with an increase in creative activity. The study appeared in 2005 in the British science journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

The best attitude to engaging in tantric sex creatively is to be willing to learn and willing to try, as if approaching the sexual act for the very first time—even if the opportunity lends itself with a tantric masseuse. Sensuously aware and stimulated by even the most subtle touch, the untempered mind explores sex in a way that is breathtaking to experience.

Generally, as we move into a professional career, the inner realm gets overshadowed by daily pressures, demands, and distractions, especially in busy urban hubs such as London. We lose sight of and no longer trust the spirit of play that could enlighten our sex lives. Easily absorbed by monotony, turned into lack-of-time victims and with no desire to change, we no longer see play and creativity as a relevant part of the sexual ritual. In time, we become stagnant, creatively blocked, and consumed by the rat race of the city of London.

To break free from the chains of all limitations on our sexual lives, we need to remind ourselves what it feels like to be relaxed and make the time for lovemaking, we must dare to give ourselves the freedom to be in a playful state of mind, and feel no pressure to perform to orgasm because we think we will impress our beautiful tantric companion. The more we infuse tantric sex with vigour and passion—continually cultivating creative play, exploration, and experimentation—the more we are able to reach our inner greatness and full potential as loving and sexual beings.

Despite having explored Tantra for a number of years, I still approach my sexuality with a beginner's mind, i.e. with an empty mind and a ready mind. This means a mind free of preconceptions as to how to rejoice in my sexual life, where I engage in making a deliberate effort to change any patterns established in how I have experienced past lovemaking. This is precisely the challenge we all face, defeating the expert mind that believes: I know everything there is to know about sex and, consequently, cease to creatively explore new possibilities. This is a counter-productive perception for fulfilling an adventurous, healthy sex life. As a London tantric masseuse, my approach lies in constantly developing my creativity to connect intimately with my discerning clients with an authentic voice and vision, in the hope that this will have a positive impact on their sexual lives. As a matter of fact, we all have an underlying potential to serve as a source of inspiration to one another; without my colourful sex life, without my clients, I would live in a colourless space. I am indebted to my beloved gentlemen.

It is for this very reason I am on a quest to explore my creative side in all its expressions. I am pursuing different creative avenues in the field of photography and painting among others—in an attempt to gain the notorious title of Maniser. Different art forms infuse my creative sexual being. I am working on a series entitled The Collections where I will showcase my art as a photographer and colour through my paintings—erotica will be on the cards, biensûr.

It's play time. Let me blog your mind!

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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