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In Search of Tantric Beauty

Tantric massage in London

Beauty is in the penis of the beholder, a tantric masseuse may say, but Tantra has more to tell.

Life may range from being an incredible adventure to a soul-destroying black hole. Whilst leading the life of a London tantric masseuse, I have discovered a wonderful territory, challenging and yet intensely beautiful. Being truly and fully human is not easy, but with a brave heart and a magnanimous soul, we may emerge victorious in the inner battles we wage daily and, hopefully, weave a beautiful fabric out of our existence.

Beauty, at its highest point, can manifest itself in striking temples, powerful bridges, majestic mountains and hypnotic seas. Nevertheless, beauty has a dark side as well, for it can be an illusion in deluded minds. It can make us prisoners of our most obsessive desires and our most painful sorrows if we merely contemplate beauty in its pure physical form.

But, what is beauty after all? Is it intangible, unquantifiable? And, more interestingly, what’s beautiful about a woman from a tantric point of view?

This is a complicated subject. What can be said about beauty intellectually, philosophically, and psychologically can be objective, but there is a subjective side to beauty itself, which makes the quest for finding the Holy Grail of tantric masseuses a fascinating journey.

As some academics explain, beauty is in the culturally conditioned eye of the beholder. Cultures define a uniformity in aesthetic taste, both for natural beauty and the arts. There are many differences among the arts, but there are also universal, cross-cultural aesthetic pleasures and values.

From an evolutionary standpoint, humans have evolved to appreciate some traits more than others and these preferences date back to a time when they gave an individual enormous survival advantages. Physical beauty is a language that conveys health and fertility and that is attractive in a potential mate. However, if you think it is all about a pretty face, big boobs, a good arse and long legs you are wrong, I’m afraid. Do you know what really turns us on? Bilateral symmetry.

We are all hard-wired to pick up certain attractive features. A recent study produced a remarkably exact formula: the space between the eyes must be 46% of the width of the face; that of eyes to mouth must be 36% of forehead to chin. Similarly, a low waist-to-hip ratio drives us wild. Where fat is deposited in a human is determined by sex hormones: testosterone in men and oestrogen in women. Women who produce the ideal amount of oestrogen generally have waists that are about 70% the width of their hips. The same principle applies to men and testosterone. People with this ideal ratio are often less susceptible to cardiovascular disorders, cancer and diabetes. Women in this range also have less difficulty conceiving and giving birth. Symmetrical imbalance can suggest someone was exposed to some type of stress during early development that they were not strong enough to deal with.

Yes, physical beauty is potent, addictive, even toxic… But there is a quintessential element that counteracts the possible negative side effects if we dare explore the other side of the spectrum. It is that of content, away from form and physical appearance. Ask yourself, what is the most beautiful flower of the valley to do other than grow, decorate the landscape and then wither away? Beyond its physical beauty and hypnotic allure in the form of bright colours and mesmerising scent, it hides a higher purpose: the nectar that attracts the bees that pollinate the planet, which is a crucial part of completing the food chain and human survival. Seventy out of the top one hundred human food crops, which supply about ninety percent of the world’s nutrition, are pollinated by bees. Staggering.

So, you will ask: What could be said about the higher purpose of visiting a tantric masseuse, or any other woman you may find almost obsessively, fatally, physically irresistible?

What if you collect all her nectar? All her beauty?

Quite possibly, you will have spent hours on the Web admiring all those photos of beautiful tantric masseuses who, like flowers, populate the fields of London. It is very likely you are overwhelmed by so much beauty, so much choice. London is the most interesting place in the world when it comes to a quality supply of beautiful tantric therapists. This is due to various reasons, the cultural and racial diversity in London, the legal framework in which sex work operates and the economic status of the UK.

Finally, you have concluded your quest. The Holy Grail of tantric massage is, you hope, expecting you. You have found a London tantric masseuse that ticks all your boxes: Spanish, natural breasts, brown skin, well-proportioned, tall, a pleasant face. However, there is more than meets the eye that will make your experience with the lady in question a particularly memorable one, provided that you are perhaps looking for something beyond ordinary, mechanical sex with women. London is full of that, after all, but, remember, there are also flowers brimming over with magnificent life-giving nectar.

Chemistry. Connection. Mr Bee, you had better buzz well to get at my very special nectar. I, Ms Flower, can guarantee you my nectar is of substance, to sex up your body, your brain and maybe your soul. I would like to imagine that you are an explorer of beauty, physical, intellectual and spiritual, who yearns to test life from different angles. You may want to infuse your sexual life with some novelty beyond the rut you are trapped in; you may need a dose of TLC; or you may need some light to penetrate your soul. Tantric sexual practice brings that connection to your life, with the right tantric escort or masseuse.

Beauty permeates everything, in relationships, sex, daily tasks. Appreciating and becoming enraptured with outer and inner beauty in all things is a major theme in Tantra. The term that evokes this idea is Shringara, which means both beauty and love. Cultivating the ability to experience Shringara in all interactions with the world has a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical states. The purpose of beauty in Tantra is that of self-transformation through the direct contact with beauty and love; but let's refer to love in an uncomplicated manner.

One can enhance one’s state of mind and quality of life by using similar approaches to deeply appreciating beauty. Remind yourself how liberated and peaceful you feel when you encounter a breathtaking view, inhale an intoxicating scent, listen to beautiful music, savour a delicious healthy meal. Or, the ultimate self-liberation, enter a trance state while erotically bonding with that woman: eyes gazing, touching, hugging, smelling, kissing, conversing, laughing, crying, all as part of a beautiful and magnificent sexual experience.

To quote Marianne Williamson: ‘when our minds are filled with light, there is no room for darkness.’

Before I conclude, I need to state that I am a worshipper of beauty, in all its states, from all its angles. Female beauty is a powerful nectar, and if you find the right flower, you will pollinate your soul with all her magic.

I adore watching this video about an admirer who sends a letter to a pole dancer. It features a beautiful lady, a goddess with a naturally stunning body; suggestive music; a poetic narrative with a soft voice. I am sure it will please your senses.

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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