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Dressed to Thrill: Tantric Masseuses and Lingerie

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A beautiful woman in sexy lingerie will undress your mind.

In my previous post, I discussed what beauty in a tantric masseuse entails. This post will be specifically devoted to the idea of outer beauty, and to begin with, I would like to evoke a metaphor, that of poetry: the art produced by rhythmical composition through the music of language and the intensity of meaning to create an emotional experience. Form alongside content equal a Molotov cocktail. In your quest to find the perfect tantric masseuse let’s focus on form as a tercet: lingerie, high heels and the perfect body. Before your tantric masseuse reveals her hidden treasures, her outer layers will create an aura of explosive sensuality to which you will be irresistibly drawn.

Sexy lingerie; almost every man’s guilty pleasure, a feast for the eyes, a celebration of sumptuous curves, a coronation of breasts with royal thrones of delicate, silky fabrics and alluring colours. Tantric masseuses; another form of guilty pleasure. The combination will create a bombshell of utter delight.

Who invented sexy lingerie in the first place? Cleopatra? Picture her finishing her asses milk bath with honey, oiling her skin with flower petals, herbs and pressed olives, wearing some pharaoh knickers woven with royal threads, ordering her sex slave Julius Caesar to the room to take them off with the tips of his fingers.

Throughout the 1700s, women’s fashion alternately emphasized the hips and rear. Bell-shaped hoop skirts, also known as crinolines, became so wide and uncomfortable that they were condemned in English pamphlets as a public nuisance. By the mid to late 1800s, the focus in fashion switched to the backside. Corsets were worn so tightly that they sometimes caused fainting or, in extreme cases, even broken ribs. They were staples of ‘proper women’ who sought to achieve the hourglass shape along with a pushed-up heaving creamy bosom displayed in low-cut gowns. In the 1920s, flapper girls introduced decorative lingerie. The design of the slip reflected the freedom of movement ladies desired. During the 1930s, accentuating women’s curves came back into fashion with rounded or pointed brassieres and shorter, more modern underwear began to retail. Corselets with underwired breast support appeared in the 1950s. Rayon and spandex were developed, making undergarments more comfortable than before. In the eighties, teddies, one-piece lingerie garments—so easy for fumbling male fingers to unbutton—were fashionable. Additionally, the thong, a more important invention than nuclear fission and the Internet, first gained popularity in South America and then spread its liberating briefness to the rest of the world. In 2000, spanx became the favourite shapewear apparel and everyday clothing such as camisoles began to include built-in support.

Today’s lingerie displays a blend of conservative and revealing touches, influenced by a variety of past fashions. Unfortunately, the history of men’s underwear is not as complex, vibrant and enticing as women’s—it would be interesting to analyse why.

The effect of sexy lingerie on a female body is undeniable, provided the particular garment is a decent piece of art. Is that a subliminal factor when choosing your desirable tantric masseuse? It must be to some extent, as I cannot mentally conceive a man choosing a London tantrika in some ugly granny knickers and a dull bra. Finding the ideal sexy underwear of your taste on a mind-blowing tantric companion is a real challenge.

If you were James Bond you would not be short of sexy lingerie around you. Bond’s typical scenarios are every man’s fantasy: a drop-dead gorgeous female beauty posing elegantly and seductively sipping a sleek flute of champagne, whilst sitting on a purple velvety sofa in some grand old-style hotel in Chelsea. Your eyes catch an arousing glimpse of her perfectly seamed stockings. And you cannot help but slowly move towards her. Before you know it, you are softly entwining with her legs on that erotic sofa. You are under her spell. But, do you need to be the iconic Bond to find that stunning tantric masseuse with special lingerie? Hmm…

The lines, the shapes, the colours, the textures that draw beautiful paintings on the female form are overwhelmingly empowering. Lingerie will make a statement of desire through dazzling displays of risky colours, extraordinary luxurious threads, lace, intricate designs that will attract the would-be James Bond like a magnet. An invitation that will put your mind in a playful mood. Who said full nakedness was sexy? Maybe you prefer simplicity. But stop and sensually contemplate those amazing erotic geometric shapes lingerie can define on a woman: the contours, the 3D effect, the shaping of curving hips, the waist and ripe breasts, the reflection of light caught by stockings on perfect legs rendering a statuesque silhouette—yes, with the heels. Oh, la la! The heels! And you have a walking Venus before your eyes. Would not that prompt you to come and delightedly undress her layer by layer? Smoothly and gently, please—let’s not wake up the whole world! Take off the bra, slow motion, whilst facing her, with one hand, let your hand slip next to that merest fraction of material around her waist, and you have now set out on that tantric journey with the masseuse you have been looking for.

Below is a video directed by my compatriot Penélope Cruz that pays homage to the garments of sex and love. Good luck in the search for your tantric dream!

Nerea, an Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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