Welcome to my site The London Tantric Masseuse. My name is Nerea Leiva and I am an independent open minded tantric massage therapist. If you are curious about Tantra, tantric sex and tantric massage you have landed on the right page. My approach to tantric massage combines relaxation, sensuality and sexuality.

I strive towards satisfying my clients, as I have a preference for a regular clientele because of health and safety reasons. If you wish to dip a toe into tantric massage do not hesitate to contact me, but if you are already familiar with it I encourage you to explore my style of Tantra. 

This site will provide you with a good insight into my views about the art of massage, eroticism, relationships and Tantra—bear in mind I have just created this site and as my own Webmistress I need to implement further work on in before I can start posting, podcasting and filmmaking. So please take my invitation to reflection through these pages or, to explore our bodies, if you decide to book an appointment.  


Are you looking for the perfect companion in London? Do you want to get lost in a haven of lust and ecstasy? Look no further! Why not try some hot spice? I will heat you up on the coldest of winter days; I will light you up on the dullest days of your work routine. I am no ordinary girl, but the burning fire you will be drawn to over and over and over again. Right in central London, whether for a lunch break at my cozy apartment or a dinner date at your hotel or apartment, I am here to keep you company and share with you some special erotic moments. Alternatively, you can book an incall or outcall appointment with one of my tantric friends. 

Check the map to find my incall location in central London.

Temporarily yours,

Nerea, an Independent London Tantric Masseuse

nerealeiva@outlook.com   07769355000



Who is Tantric Massage for?

Bored men

Curious souls

Horny minds

London Tantric Masseuse calling men in search of women willing to experiment with the chemistry of body fluids. Are you sexless?  Head to my tantric nest and take a fly on the wild side. Are you clueless about tantric sex? Let the mystery unravel before our eyes and be not tormented by doubts about the meaning of Dark Tantra. Have you been spiritually attacked by anxiety, stress and depression? Meet a tantric Goddess who can take you to Seventh Heaven. Do you want to explore your full capacity for pleasure? I am a sexual athlete who can coach you to compete in the Olympic Sex Games. 


I am running a campaign to make men fear running out of sex and, more importantly, dying without having experienced breathtaking sex. I want them to acknowledge what they already know: no sex, and crap sex, sucks. But it is much deeper than that. It is a black hole that sips your sap and leaves you colourless, ‘shineless’, withered away by the horror of a sexless life. Yes, you should dread the idea of your partner going on strike, depriving you of a healthy sexual existence. Food and water nourish your body; sleep feeds your brain; sex is the chlorophyll of your soul, without it, you are a living corpse that works 9 to 5. Furthermore, it is the vital energy that connects you to life! 

Benefits of Tantric Massage?

Stroll in Eden

Erectile levitation Orgasmic Nirvana

Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the nerves located throughout our body to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. It liberates us and allows us to become more self-expressive in the world, be in the zone of genius, be more alive and turned on, and ultimately happier. Is there anything else one could wish for?

Why me?

For all the regrets in your life, make this chance an exception!

Apart from the fact that I am a great mystery to you until this moment, I am described as beautiful and dynamic, both grounded in reality and not quite of this world. I have a nurturing and loving nature, and I flourish by giving and sharing. In sex, the basics are very important: slowness, kissing, touching. Head down, chin ready and my body on top of yours; my fingerprints, the beautiful guiding light I will lay on your limbs; making love, the secret is to explore your body until I dress up your nakedness with my skin. You cannot just pick up the best book on Tantra in the world, you need to understand it by doing it.  Everything I have learned, understood and perfected about human sexuality will be laid bare in an intimate session with my body and my heart.  You will experience what real lovemaking should be from start to finish.  I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life immersing myself in the world of tantric sex to bring to my bed what you are dying to know.  As long as you have a willing creature to have great sex with, you’re paving the way to reach the big O. But coming back to the question Why me? The best way to answer you is by meeting me in person. 



Indulge in a session of tantric sex and massage


Experience a complete tantric massage  with a body to body expert


Take erotic massage to the next level


Let your lingam be worshipped by the most stimulating touch


Ploughing through seeds of kisses; sensual touch.

Your fingers delicately place the grains in the furrows

of my skin.


My hands, smoothly surfing details on your back. 

Waves of passion hasten through my being; softly, 

an ocean of desire floods our lips.


Your hands, my heat, your touch, the sun in your palms 

eclipses the moon in my heart.


Your hands, my hands, our fingers intertwine in the weave

of tantric art.


Nerea Leiva xxx


Immerse yourself in the moist of my deep valleys and gentle ridges


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