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CHAPTER 3. Introduction to Tantric Massage

I am proud to write this guide dedicated to everything tantric. I am passionate about wellbeing, and sexual health is no less important than physical or mental health. However, although we live in what is known as the era of information, Tantra, tantric massage and tantric sex are concepts that largely remain unknown to many in practice. Fortunately, during the last decade, tantric massage has flourished, becoming more widespread and accepted. All kinds of erotic and sensual massage styles, parlours, agencies, independent masseuses, Tantra courses, video tutorials and even an extensive bibliography can now been found in the Western world.


The beauty of tantric massage lies in it being such a simple, direct form of human contact and connection. It fulfils the basic need for touch and has the potential to create an intimate sexual space that can provide mental benefits for yourself and your partner. Surprisingly, although tantric massage is based on simple principles, it can have a profound and far-reaching effect. It can provide genuine release from long-term-tension, a solution to sexual monotony, and confer confidence as a lover. Watch the light enwrap your body as you visibly unravel through the dance of tantric lovemaking! 


With lovers, partners, or masseuses, tantric massage can provide the framework to strengthen the physical contact with yourself and others, but if you are willing to explore and take it further, and this is surely where my own interest lies, it can be an incredible opportunity to become more aware of the deeper levels on which our sexual energy connects and interacts.


Massage, in general terms, should be a fundamental skill we should all be equipped with. While tantric sex is to a large extent based on massaging techniques, breathing and meditation, perhaps the most important element of tantric massage is the individuality that we can all bring into the experience. At the same time, consciousness, rhythm, sensitivity, kindness, warmth, openness and sensual touch are all essential qualities to move from an ordinary massage to powerful lovemaking. 


One of my fondest memories is being massaged by my mother as a toddler; I marvel that I remember the experience, but I do. Baby massage has a long tradition in Mediterranean cultures, and my mother and grandmother passed it on in my family. 


We often communicate and comfort babies through touch before they can even develop their ability to understand language. If a baby cries, for instance, parents will hold, cuddle or stroke it. Touch is the earliest sense in a foetus, this natural impulse is part of our first steps into communicating with one another, and there is no wonder it is a primal need. 


A study in 2004 concluded that premature babies in intensive care units who were massaged 3 to 4 times a day for 15 minutes gained more weight each day (about 5 grams a day), spent less time in hospital, had slightly better scores on developmental tests and slightly fewer postnatal complications. Although baby massage is still subject to further scientific study as findings are not yet conclusive, there is no denying touch is a powerful instrument for bonding physically and mentally. If you are a human and not a robot crawling my post, I am very sure you have many times come to this convincing conclusion through your very own experience. Do you remember being tickled as a child and the feeling of bonding you experienced at the end? 


It gives me great pleasure to see how my clients enjoy my tantric massage and even feel very comforted in the introductory part of the session. I believe that the need to be touched does not diminish as we get older. Touch makes us feel wanted. Without touch we become withdrawn, disconnected. This is the reason tantric massage can particularly help people suffering bereavement or divorce, those not in a physical relationship, men with very little sexual contact, or as a means to strengthen existing relationships.


I would like to invite you to begin your own journey into the world of tantric massage and experience for yourself its relieving, uplifting, empowering and life-changing effects. 

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