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CHAPTER 1. An Overview on Tantra

Driven by the need to expand my horizon as a tantric masseuse, I feel compelled to explore different avenues in the field of sexuality. Tantric sex is unquestionably one of the most popular topics everyone wants to learn about, especially in large westernised urban areas such as London. We have seen an increase in the number of publications on the subject since the beginning of our century. A myriad of seminars, events, and websites are devoted to it, thus, attracting widespread mainstream media attention. 


You may have asked yourself what the definition of Tantra is. The answer is not straightforward, as many scholars still theorise today about the origins and characteristics of Tantra. I do not intend to provide a thorough presentation about Tantra, as my approach is to mainly focus on the pragmatic side through my services as a tantric masseuse, rather than remain academically theoretical. However, I feel that having an intellectual understanding of Tantra can lead you to a wide-ranging form of knowledge that could guide one’s sex journey more interestingly. Therefore, I will try to cover some general aspects about the sexual practice of Tantra.


Some of us have heard rumours that tantric sex can lead to multiple orgasms, prolonged orgasms, more intense orgasms, full-body orgasms, lovemaking for hours on end, deeper connections, and relationship bliss.  All this talk about sexual energy may sound woo-woo at first glance, but the truth is that we all want to experience meaningful, transformative, and powerful sex. And, is this possible? Well, this is a question you should ask yourself, but, more importantly, you should experience it for yourself. 


When I first began to research Tantra it did not kindle my interest. Most literature described it as couple-orientated, heterosexual, and certainly unsexy. That is to say, I felt I could not practise tantric sex as a masseuse in London. Many texts seemed to be obscure, too esoteric, and difficult to relate to in terms of applying the ideas of tantric philosophy to the physical realm of our sexuality. 


It was not until I read some key books, took part in some workshops and special events that I started to realise I only knew the tip of the iceberg regarding human sexuality. A broad range of subjects such as BDSM, swinging, Tantra, sexual identity, polyamorous relationships, and the connection of sex and spirituality were covered. This attracted a diverse group of people of all genders and sexual orientations. So what is Tantra then? Tantra is an Indian philosophy of feeling, art, and religion. It is unknown how old Tantra is but the first surviving texts date back to about AD 600. However, deep understanding of Tantra only comes to those who practice inner meditation.


Unlike most religions, which suppress pleasure, vision, and ecstasy, Tantra preaches the cultivation and use of natural human forces. Because sensation and emotion are incredibly powerful driving energies they should not be repressed, but cultivated and harnessed to the ultimate goal. Tantric sex dwells on the erotic movement of love, the infinite possibilities of physical touch, breathing, and rhythm, as well as the awakening of and connection with our entire bodily system. According to the Tantra principle, the human body equates the cosmos, in other words, it is an invitation to discover a meaningful existence through awareness.


Within the practice of Tantra lies the possibility of discovering a new facet to sex which would take one to the realm of tantrism. Tantric sex has a particular wisdom of its own, which, simply put, is the cult of ecstasy focused on a holistic vision of conscious sexuality.


If you have the desire to embark on a new exciting lifestyle regarding your sex life you first need to start on a path of self-discovery and self-empowerment. In order to initiate yourself into tantric sex you do not need to buy an oriental rug, be enlightened, or make love for hours. Tantric sex has to do to a large extent with your mental approach with the aid of key strategies.


During our appointment, I will stimulate different erogenous areas in your body which are typically neglected. This will allow me to enhance the feelings of your skin neuroreceptors and thus ultimately take you to orgasm through a pathway of relaxation, unrushed rhythm, and pure sensuality. Sex goes beyond our genitals, and it is in the quest of discovery that one will experience deep sensations. Nevertheless, it will take practice to gain full control of your body and channel your energy in the right direction if you would like to experience a full-body orgasm or reach the ability to orgasm without ejaculation. If you are interested in taking Tantra in a serious way, it will lead you to a journey full of wonders, where you will experience an enhanced ability to find pleasure and a greater capability to deal with challenging circumstances in a sexual context and life in general. 


Have I tickled your curiosity to expand your sexual horizon? Next time you have an orgasm ask yourself if could improve the intensity, the duration and how far the sensorial range spread through your body. I will always be here to give you a helping hand. 

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