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Dear Lovemakers,

Please allow me to confide in you a personal note in these difficult times. Forgive me for my lack of punctuality in posting on my blog and tantric guide weekly. I have been battling with different issues that have diverted my attention from writing. I know that I am not the only one who is experiencing financial hardship during this crisis, it is undoubtedly a global problem. Personally, I have been very fortunate to receive help from some of my clients. I am forever grateful and moved by this incredible, unexpected gesture. Thanks to them, I will be able to pay my rent so far which is due to increase in May. I am waiting for my landlady’s reply about freezing the increase until I can resume my work. I have faith that I will soon be able to return the favour once life continues its normal course.

On the other hand, I am struggling with a health issue. For some unknown reason, I have lost part of my arm’s mobility and it is extremely painful. As you are all aware, the NHS is not dealing with any health problems unless it is a concern of life and death. To make matters worse, even private clinics have very limited service. It is for this reason I have been waiting longer than usual to get an appointment at a private clinic. I will have an MRI scan at the end of next week and, hopefully, I will know what the treatment is to fix my issue. You cannot imagine how I long to have my body back so I can continue indulging in the world of tantric massage, tantric sex and amazing adventures with my beloved lovemakers.

On a different matter, coronavirus is hitting us all very cruelly. Like most of us, I never expected this sudden drastic change. In this sad world of ours, where humankind refuses to elevate its consciousness, men and women will continue to pay a high price. We have a constant will to change, destroy and manipulate nature and the time to face the consequences has arrived. Until each of us fights for a better world we will never stop killing each other. Either because China let a virus escape from Wuhan lab P4 or because of our abusive animal consumption that, very sadly, my 32-year-old cousin departed.

May we all unite to bring about change after this tragic world crisis. Do not shut your eyes because you believe your chances of dying are slim, or you hope a vaccine will save you. What is happening goes beyond contracting a virus. It is the result of you and me taking part in the destruction and corruption of the world. Involve yourself in this urgent change.

I want to take this opportunity to celebrate my cousin Jason by giving, creating and sharing. I have found comfort in creativity, family and friends, silence, books, flowers, my balcony, contemplating and tantric Zen in these difficult times. I would like to emphasize the importance of creativity for our mind and soul, including our sexual well-being. I shall continue the idea of creativity in my following post, that is, How one can be sexually creative? Do try to join me in my next musings. I believe we all have a great capacity to invent, reinvent and create to turn the wheel of progress, pleasure and healing.

Life exists only now, the past and future are creative tricks of the mind; the before and after are a continuous flow of water that merge into the same river. The river of time is the present moment, it slips through your fingers as you try to hold it in your hands, for it is uncontainable; by the time we quantify it, it is already gone, yet it is eternal. The flow is always now, by being in the flow of now you become the river.

Be love, be well; be tantric, be zen.

In every now, I will celebrate you. Rest in peace, eternal Jason.

Nerea, An Independent Tantric Masseuse in London



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