I do not accept bookings without you haven't provided a mobile number. If you need a quick response, contact via mobile is the best option. However, if you contact me by e-mail, I will not engage in exchanging frequent messages without you having texted or phoned me at the beginning. If you contact me from abroad I am available on Whatsapp. If you would like to meet early in the morning it has to be arranged the previous day and my last booking is 10pm. I am available Monday to Sunday 12am-10pm subject to my changing day job schedule. 


WARNING TO BURGLARS I'm not stupid enough to keep cash in my flat and, besides, I'm not a rich bitch who wears diamonds as I only provide a tantric massage service a few hours a month. My area has the highest CCTV concentration in London and I live right next to a police station. So you would not escape following any offence you may want to commit. It's the City! Also, beware that I have already faced a burglary attempt at knife point with the result of the fuckwits in question being caught and having to serve a prison sentence! Not to mention that they got no bloody money or bling, bling. Being a gem myself diamonds or expensive jewellery don't shine enough on my skin. So try your luck with some decent education and stop being a poor loser!!


E-mail - nerealeiva@outlook.com       

TEL - 07769355000